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November 3, 2014 – NANOWRIMO

November 2, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

November is National Novel Writing Month. Every year, senior diva signs up to write the next great novel, and she has great fun doing it.

She never quite finishes what she starts. Oh don’t get me wrong, she tries really hard to get it done.  Last year’s goal was 50,000 words, to be written by the end of November.  Senior diva wrote 30,152 words.  Not too bad for a human as busy as my senior diva.  She started participating several years ago, and has written literally thousands of words, but not quite that novel…yet.

IMG_7252This year, I will be writing the novel for her.  That is right, a Min Pin Ghost Writer.  What is that you say?  A dog can’t write a novel?  A dog can’t even hold a pen, or type on a computer?  Well those my friends are your obstacles, not mine.  For you see…I can do anything I want to do.  I am the diva.  I inspire creativity by simply being me.

IMG_7249Senior diva says we all have a story to tell.  It may not make The New York Time’s Best Seller list, or win a Pulitzer Prize…or maybe it will? Writing puts our creativity to paper, it connects us with our own voice, it reconnects us with our mind…should we be suffering a mental disconnect…and it is a very cathartic experience.  You have a thought?  Write it down…and there you have it, the first steps to the next best read. It really is that easy.

IMG_7247Try it!  NANOWRIMO your little heart out, and see what comes.  You might surprise yourself.

Happy writing my friends.

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