Where Have You Been?

Oh, hello, friends. I have not blogged for too many days!  The truth is, all is well in diva world.  Life just sort of gets away from you. Do you know what I mean?

I am still beautiful, thank you very much, and in charge of my kingdom!


Supra the Wonder Dog, my brother from another mother, is doing great too.  My human boy, Garrett, got a house of his own and Supra now lives with him and his girlfriend.  But that is good for Supra.  He loves his boy, Garrett.  We still visit often.  He is getting old and is enjoying retirement.

Then there is the annoying fluffy puppy, Denali.  Do you remember him?  He is now over a year old, and over 100 pounds!  Still annoying, and HUGE, but he knows who the boss is around here.  My boy Blake got huge too.  He will be a sophomore in high school next year.  But I am still his main diva.  He loves me, and I love him.  Denali gets to enjoy the hiking…because I hate hiking…but then my boy is all mine!

Finally, chickens.  Yes, I am still the number one chicken guardian.  Miss Annabelle and Miss Rosie are still driving me nuts!  Sure, they are bigger than I am, but I am their protector.  I keep them safe from hawks and cats and any other possible danger. And as if these two biddies were not enough work for me, mama added 4 new chickens!  What was she thinking?  Now I have to protect Gaia, Artemis, Daisy Ray and Yoshi-Goddess of Eggs.  I am one busy diva!  It is a tough job.  One only an amazing diva can handle.

Denali “pretends” to guard the chickens.  Truth be told, the only thing he is good at guarding is his stick.



Typical drooly male canine.

Oh, and we have a new human family member.  My boy, Casey, got married and has a new little human.  They named him Axel.  He is pretty cute…for a human. 🙂_dsc0103_34697720171_o

They say there is nothing more beautiful than a growing family.  True.  However, there is also nothing more beautiful…than me.



Daily Diva Inspiration…a photo from mama’s garden…

Live, Laugh, Love.



Until next time…

Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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