December 25, 2015 – Christmas, over and out!

December 25, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Well that was fast.  Just as the holiday season was arriving…it is now over.

We had a delightful day here in Idaho.  Family, food, gifts, fun, and food…did I mention there was lots of food?

*Insert happy hysterical doggy tail wag here*

My boy Blake received some new camera equipment, and that made him very happy.DSC_0014-2-Edit-2My boy Casey came by to visit with his love Brianna.  Senior diva bought them some mini cowboy boots for the future tiny human that will be coming in May.

Yep, new human grandbaby on the way!  I do love little human grandbabies.  They drop food, and for us canines, this is a good thing.DSC_0094-Edit DSC_0106My boy Garrett brought over his girlfriend Genevieve.  I really like Genevieve.  She is kind, fun and she loves dogs.  Anyone who loves dogs is top-notch in my book.  I am a dog after all.  DSC_0009-3 DSC_0013-3Senior diva says this Christmas was peaceful and lovely.  I would have to agree with her there.  I do have a pretty awesome human family.  And the roast beef was not half bad!

From Idaho, we bid another “Merry Christmas” a fond adieu.  Santa Clause has left the building…122515Hope your Christmas was merry and bright, dog lovers.

Oh and this…only senior diva would go outside at 12:47 AM, in the snow and 22°f temperatures to take a photo of the moon.ChristmasMoon2015It looks like any ordinary moon to me.  But no, it is the Christmas moon!  Humans can be so silly.  That is all.  🙂

Until next time…

Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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