October 24, 2015 – Step Away from The Super Mario!

October 24, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Obsessed!  She is obsessed I tell you, my senior diva is obsessed with playing Super Mario 3D Land on her Nintendo 3DSxl.

DSC_0041_20150821_3894-EditShe is a 54-year-old grandmother for heck’s sake!  Grandmothers are supposed to be baking cookies and knitting blankets, right?

DSC_0049_20150821_3901-EditNot spending hours a day getting a small, Italian plumber to his destination while fending off pixel ghosts, mushrooms, and rabid, turbo-charged dino-turtles!

I hereby decree that enough tis enough!  No more video gaming for senior diva.  DSC_0062_20150821_3914-Edit*sigh*

DSC_0016_20150821_3869“I guess now is not the best time to tell Miss Lilly that Luigi’s Mansion is waiting in the box for senior diva when she finishes this game. ”



Daily Diva Inspiration…


Song for the day…

Until next time…

Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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