September 4, 2015 – Balloons Annoy Me

September 4, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.  We are currently experiencing The Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic here in Boise.  Senior diva and my boy Blake LOVE balloons.  The other canines and I…not so much.

They are huge, noisy, and impossible to catch!  Early this morning whilst I slept in, senior diva and Blake cycled over to the park to watch those big annoying balls in the sky.  They were thrilled and would like to share some photos of the experience.  DSC_0019_20150904_4718 DSC_0057_20150904_4756 DSC_0066_20150904_4765 DSC_0068_20150904_4767 DSC_0073_20150904_4772 DSC_0092_20150904_4791 DSC_0125_20150904_4824 DSC_0133_20150904_4832 DSC_0140_20150904_4839 DSC_0179_20150904_4878 DSC_0186_20150904_4885 DSC_0210_20150904_4909 DSC_0215_20150904_4914 DSC_0223_20150904_4922 DSC_0236_20150904_4935 I guess balloons are cool, if you are into such one does resemble a nice, huge, slab of juicy pork.  Or maybe cheese…it could be a giant, floating, hunk-o-cheese.DSC_0261_20150904_4960Yes, I am obsessed with food.  What do you expect?  I am dog!

Have a great weekend dog lovers!

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Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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