July 26, 2015 – I Guess We Can Be Friends

July 26, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Ducati has been a bit lonely lately.  His boy Casey has been out of town working, and has left us to take care of him.

“Ducati, we can be friends, but there are some rules you must adhere to.”DSC_0231_20150726_2486-Edit“I am good with rules Miss Lilly.  What are the terms and conditions of your friendship?”DSC_0061_20150726_2316-Edit“Number one…keep your nose out of my business.  I mean literally…keep your nose out of my personal spaces.”DSC_0259_20150726_2514“Number two, Blake belongs to me.  He is my boy, and I do not share my boy with anyone.  Well, Dozer is the exception to the rule.  He was here before me after all.”DSC_0277_20150726_2532“Number three, Blake’s hugs belong to me and me alone!”DSC_0278_20150726_2533“Ducati, if you can abide by these rules…we can be friends.”DSC_0281_20150726_2536-Edit“Okay Miss Lilly, I can live by your rules.”DSC_0012_20150726_2267-Edit“Fine.  Welcome to my world dog.”

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Until next time…

Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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2 thoughts on “July 26, 2015 – I Guess We Can Be Friends”

  1. Hello, Miss Lilly, Ducati and Blake! Could Blake or your Senior Diva please give Ducati a big hug for me. Big hugs for you and Dozer, too please, because it’s a hot Monday afternoon in Chicago and your photo shoot gives me a big smile!

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