July 19, 2015 – Nothing Too Exciting To Report

July 19, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.  How you be?  Hope all is well in your world.

All is well here.  Nothing too exciting to report.

DSC_0124_20150718_1952I continue my duties as head chicken guardian…DSC_0047_20150718_1875 …and head, “Most adorable dog on the planet!”

DSC_0084_20150718_1912Hey, it is a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it.

DSC_0068_20150718_1896I have also been enjoying peaceful summer evenings in the garden with my senior diva…

DSC_0026_20150718_1854-2…and senior dog, Dozer.

DSC_0053_20150719_2043The weather has been delightful.

DSC_0010_20150718_1838-2Oh, and yellow squash.

DSC_0079_20150719_2069The garden has exploded in yellow squash.

DSC_0082_20150719_2072Do you like yellow squash dog lovers?  Do I like yellow squash dog lovers?  The world may never know.  For you see, the men humans in my world love yellow squash, and leave not even the tiniest of morsels for me.  *sigh*

DSC_0087_20150719_2077Have a great Monday dog lovers.

DSC_0093_20150718_1921-2And a great week ahead.  🙂

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Song for the day…

Until next time…

Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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2 thoughts on “July 19, 2015 – Nothing Too Exciting To Report”

  1. Very hard work to be so adorable … or to enjoy summer evenings with Dozer and your senior diva! But I agree with you, Miss Lilly – it must be done!

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