May 28, 2015 – Coop De’Ville

May 28, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Excuse my extended absence friends.  Senior diva and family have been busy building “Coop de Chicken.”  Naturally, every minute detail must be approved by me, the diva building inspector, so I have been unbelievably busy!

The main hen house is almost finished.  All that is left to be constructed is the nesting box, and the enclosed chicken run.  Senior diva then needs to present her decorating plans to me to see if I approve.  She mentioned something about planting mint, strawberries and lavender around the run.

eye roll

Can you say obsessed?  I do believe she is.

Here is what we have so far…

Skylight…check √

DSC_0045_20150527_7864-2bWillow Window…check √

DSC_0013_20150527_7832b-2Parquet Flooring…check √

DSC_0031_20150527_7850b-2Comfortable Roosting Bar…check √

DSC_0053_20150527_7872-2Sturdy and Safe Exterior Door…check √

DSC_0037_20150527_7856b-5Wait!  This is no chicken coop!  This is a diva mansion!

DSC_0061_20150527_7880-3Blake and I will need to spend some time in here overnight to be absolutely certain that all is safe and secure.

Yep, sleeping blanket, popcorn, Android tablet, Youtube videos under the stars…check √

Just not tonight…raging storms afoot!  *gasp*


And where was senior diva during these storms you ask?  Outside with an aluminum tripod, taking pictures of lightning.


Our senior diva has lost her mind.

Daily Diva Inspiration…


Song for the day…

Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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