May 10, 2015 – Happy Senior Diva Day!

May 10, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Today humans celebrate Mother’s Day. A day when they celebrate the mothers in their life.   I think this is a good day to celebrate.

My senior diva started her day with some delicious cupcakes lovingly baked and delivered by daughter-in-law Amber.  Amber is my boy Brandon’s wife.  That really made her day.

mothersday-4Senior diva’s hubby, master Jack, surprised senior diva by getting all her tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers planted before he left for work this morning.  Senior diva was very excited!

DSC_0392_20150510_5139 DSC_0395_20150510_5142Then number one son Garrett bought some pizza, and senior diva enjoyed pizza on the patio with my boys Garrett, Casey and Blake.

DSC_0470_20150510_5243 DSC_0490_20150510_5263 DSC_0476_20150510_5249And some fun with chickens…

DSC_0405_20150510_5317 DSC_0408_20150510_5320 DSC_0410_20150510_5322I would say that senior diva had the perfect day.  All that was missing was son Brandon, and her grandchildren…the little humans…Cooper and Penny.

It was a good day for my senior diva.  I approve.  🙂

DSC_0409_20150510_5156Hope your day was a good one dog lovers!  Have a great week ahead.

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Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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