April 16, 2015 – The Grass is Always Greener…

April 16, 2015 – The Daily Diva… Good hello dog lovers.  They always say the grass is greener…on the diva side of the fence! It is true you know.  Just look at me!  I am gorgeous! DSC_0062_20150415_1894Senior diva had number one son construct a fence dividing the yard. On one side of the yard will be her glorious vegetable and flower garden, and the chicken coop.  On the other side of the fence…the drooling, obnoxious boy dogs.  That is right dog lovers, the big guys have been banished to the left side of the yard. DSC_0005_20150410_1358Now before you start to feel even the slightest bit of pity for the poor fellas, it would be unfounded.  For you see, Dozer, Supra and Ducati are couch potatoes.  They only go outside to take care of business, then they are immediately barking, scratching and whining at the door to come back inside and resume their couch potato positions!  These boys get more beauty sleep than Sleeping Beauty after a full plate of turkey, gravy, spuds, stuffing and a hot buttered dinner roll…or two…or three. Dozer thinks it is all a game.  He enjoys chasing me up and down the fence, and I invite him over to play with me every now and then. DSC_0044_20150416_1911 DSC_0060_20150416_1927Supra walks up to the fence, give me a good old Great Dane grunt, then proceeds to ignore me. DSC_0107_20150416_1974Ducati, well, Ducati is…as per usual…simply offended. DSC_0083_20150416_1950

“Hello world.  My name is Ducati, and I am offended.”DSC_0079_20150416_1946

I, on the other paw, enjoy fresh air, flowers and sunshine.  I enjoy nothing more than to prance and frolic like a graceful gazelle through the flowers on a sunny day.  A beauty I am…a sleeping beauty…never!

DSC_0065_20150415_1897So guess where I am dog lovers?  That is right, I am on the right side of the fence.  The beautiful side of the fence that will have the gardens, the chickens, the fountain and the beautiful, lush, green grass.  Senior diva, Rosie, Thelma, Louise and I will enjoy the glorious gardens all to ourselves. DSC_0066_20150415_1898Yes, I know, I am stuck with the chickens, but they are far better than those drooling, obnoxious, male canines that lift their legs and pee on everything! DSC_0074_20150415_1906Life is good dog lovers.  Life is good. And to Dozer, Supra and Ducati I say…. “You can’t get me, you can’t get me!” Tongue out emoticonDaily Diva Inspiration… 6__ecf7e9e753b044_24fbf_4e87-post Song for the day… Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another. Peace. misslilly Follow Me on… Instagram Flickr Twitter Facebook BlogPaws My 365 #miniaturepinscher, #doglovers, #dogs, #pets, #photography, #nikon


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