A Whole New Year

January 4, 2015 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Well, I guess the holidays are over. Time to take down all the decorations, and get ready for a whole new year. Yeah, I know, decorations should have gone down days ago. Senior diva likes to enjoy them for as long as she can.  Well that, and the flu is still here.

IMG_0164My boy goes back to school tomorrow too.  I am not ready for my boy to go back to school.  Why, or why, does he have to leave me?

IMG_0161Are you ready for the new year dog lovers?  I think we are.  Senior diva decided she needed more meditation and Tai Chi.  I guess I will join her.  I am pretty good at downward facing dog.  I know…that is Yoga, not Tai Chi, but you have to admit…it is still pretty epic.

IMG_0149That is all for now dog lovers.  Senior diva won’t be blogging me every single day this year.  She has posted a daily photo or blog entry on her other blog every single day for the last five years.  She has decided that this year will be less structured.

IMG_0152I guess “less structured” is a good thing when you are a dog.  As long as I get my regularly scheduled bacon and cheese, I am A-Okay with that.

IMG_0165Oh don’t worry, there will be plenty of Miss Lilly adventures ahead.  I am just entirely too magnanimous not to document.  Magnanimous?  No idea what that means, but it sounds like a word that is synonymous with me, the most epic, DIVA.

Have a great day dog lovers!

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Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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