December 12, 2014 – Diva on a Shelf

December 12, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

Good Friday morning dog lovers.

The weekend is here, and I promise to call a truce…a peace treaty if you will…between myself, and Santa elf.  This will be a weekend of celebrating the Christmas spirit, and the joy of having a Christmas elf at my beckon call…I mean…as my guest for the holidays.

IMG_9280I promise not to hang him upside down in the Christmas Tree.

IMG_9276I promise not to stuff him in a glass jar and lock him in the kitchen cabinet.

IMG_9270I promise not to….ohhhh, is that bacon I smell?  Bacon, bacon, bacon….I smell bacon!

IMG_9263Well little elf, that did not last long.  Don’t worry, I will protect you from the “Diva on a Shelf.”  This is going to be an interesting weekend dog lovers…

Daily Diva Inspiration…


Song for the day…25 Days of Christmas Spirit, day 12.

Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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