December 8, 2014 – Touch or Fetch?

December 8, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers. Happy Monday!

I was sitting downstairs, enjoying the brilliant lights on the Christmas tree, when senior diva called down to me….

“Miss Lilly, _____________ the Christmas baubles.”

I left the above space blank because I was a little confused?  Did she say don’t touch, or fetch the Christmas baubles?

IMG_9718Don’t touch?


IMG_9722So I called out to Sebantonto to ask him.  “Hey elf, did senior diva say don’t touch, or fetch?”

IMG_9741“She definitely said, Miss Lilly FETCH the Christmas baubles.”

Phew, that is a relief!

IMG_9742Then senior diva came downstains… “Miss Lilly!  What have you done?  I told you not to touch the Christmas baubles!!!”

IMG_9757As soon as senior diva leaves the room…I am eating your face off elf.


Smiley - Angry

Daily Diva Inspiration…


Song for the day…25 Day’s of Christmas Spirit, day 8.
Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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