December 7, 2014 – Step Out of Your Bauble

December 7, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Little elf, if you come out of your bauble to play, I promise…

…I will never call you names again

…I will never toss you up into the tree

…I will share my Christmas cookies with you

twoWhat is that you say little elf?

threeDo I promise to call you your majesty Elf, most handsome Elf in the universe, sole keeper of all yuletide brilliance in the cosmos?

Sir…surely you jest.  You be jestin’ now dude.

_MG_9667b-2No.  There is only one majesty in this domain my small, stuffed, whimsical friend…and you are looking at her.  Lovely, aren’t I?

If you feel the need to spend the rest of the holiday season in a hamster ball…suit yourself.  However, I will keep the red satin bow.  It looks better on me.  🙂

Daily Diva Inspiration…


Song for the day…25 Days of Christmas Spirit, day 7.

Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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