November 17, 2014 – Good Morning!

November 17, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

Good hello dog lovers.

Perhaps I am being a wee bit unreasonable?  Complaining all the time about the cold is very unbecoming of a proper diva.  Not to mention that it starts to get annoying after a while.

From this day forward, I will enjoy all winter festivities with nary a complaint.

Oh how lovely.  Senior diva is taking a delightful winter photo of my boy.  I want to be in the picture._MG_8440“Hey Blake, help me up into my favorite tree would you please?”_MG_8433“I want to be part of the picture, that is why!”_MG_8435“OH MY LANTA this snow is cold!  Just what do you think is so funny Blake?”_MG_8438“Stop laughing, and help me get into position.  Senior diva needs my best side for the photo.  And NO smarty pants, this is NOT by best side.  Very funny!”_MG_8439Oh dear gawd, what was I thinking?_MG_8432“Senior diva, get your best shot…this is your LAST chance!  I am not leaving the house until Spring!”_MG_8426“I seriously fail to see the humor here Blake!  You may stop laughing now.”

_MG_8422“Everything I said before was a LIE!  I am so over this winter stuff.”_MG_8421“Now get me down right now!  These working conditions are unacceptable!  It is time to renegotiate my contract.  There better be a warm blanket and a huge plate of cheese waiting for me when I get inside.”

The End!

Have a great Monday dog lovers, and an awesome week ahead.

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Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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