October 10, 2014 – Happy Friday!

October 10, 2014  – The Daily Diva…

“Good hello dog lovers, my name is Supra The Wonder Dog.  I am a magnificent Great Dane.”

IMG_6125Miss Lilly:  “Excuse me?  Just what do you think you are doing here Supra?  This is MY blog!  I don’t recall asking you to be a guest blogger?”

IMG_6106Supra:  “Senior diva invited me Miss Lilly.  You have no say…”

IMG_6131Supra:  “No one has say over Supra The Wonder Dog!”

IMG_6094Miss Lilly:  “Seriously dude?

IMG_6110Miss Lilly:  “Cheese has say over Supra the Wonder Dog.”

IMG_6097Miss Lilly:  “Cheese pretty much rules the world…and bacon, bacon rules the world too…and hot dogs, and cheeseburgers, oh and scrambled eggs, and… ”

IMG_6116“Behold the power of cheese……”

Friday Flashback to a long time ago.  One grew much faster than the other.  🙂


Happy Friday planet!  Have an awesome weekend.

Daily Diva Inspiration…

c6c48b8d4d_7_fc3c04f868__9dc-post Song for the day…

Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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