September 30, 2014 – All About Me

September 30, 2014 – The Daily Diva…

Life is all about family, and it occurs to me, I have not introduced you to mine.

These are my boys.  Dozer is the oldest, he will 11 in January.  Dozer is a great big Great Pyrenees, and the least annoying of my brothers.  He is the the senior citizen of the family, and an okay guy.

Next is Ducati.  Ducati is a 9 year old Mini Aussie, and a major pain in my buttoxal area! He really needs to learn how to chill out.

Finally, there is Supra.  Mama calls him Supra the Wonder Dog, although why I will never know? Supra is a 5 year old Great Dane.  Eh…he does not bother me, so I do not bother him, but he knows who is boss.  That would be me.


Here is my human family. I have four human brothers, Garrett, Brandon, Casey and Blake.


My favorite human brother is Blake.  He is the youngest of the humans, and my best friend.  I pretty much love him.


Finally, here is mama.  Her name is Veronica, and she is the senior diva.  Between mama and I…we rule the world.



We will return to our regularly scheduled “Diva” tomorrow.

Until next time…Enjoy life and be kind to one another.



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